425 East 86th Street Co-Op Unofficial Website

Information for All 425 East 86th Street Stakeholders!

This website is intended to provide useful information about the 425 East 86th Street, a co-op located in Yorkville on East 86th Street between 1st Avenue and York and the surrounding neighborhood. It is not supported or endorsed by the 425 East 86th Apartment Corp, its board or management company in any way.

This site provides a wide rage of information about this wonderful New York City pre-war building. Topics include building building background information, environmental concerns, financial disclosure and governance concerns, and recent shareholder litigation.  We believe all  information on this site is accurate. Please advise is of any potentially incorrect information and we will promptly address those concerns.

425 East 86th Street History

425 East 86th Street, originally constructed as an SRO, was completed in 1929. In 1981, It was incorporated as a co-op. The  architectural firm Sugarman & Berger originally designed building as a residential hotel.  The structure is brick with limestone detailing around the windows on the 15th and 16th floors and at the base of the building, and surrounding the iron front doors.

The building consists of classic apartments with hardwood floors, beamed ceilings and moldings. The A and C lines have wood-burning fireplaces. Prior to combinations, there were originally 96 units on 17 floors. Co-Op shareholders have since combine some of the units leaving approximately 72 units today.

This boutique Yorkville prewar building is located close to Carl Schultz Park and public transportation including the new Q Line on Second Avenue.

Website Approach

Some may be critical of our public disclosure of concerns about the building. We have a very large investment in 425 East 86th Street. We have no desire to harm that investment. However, 1) we are making this disclosure only after exhausting internal options; and 2) we believe the way to improve any organization is to identify potential problems and address them. Sweeping problems under the rug only allows them to grow. Admittedly, admitting mistakes and rectifying them may be uncomfortable. In the long-run, however, it is the best path for increasing shareholder value.

We believe all information on this website is both accurate and in the public domain/non-privileged. If there is reason to believe otherwise, contact us at: admin@425east86th.com and we will work to promptly evaluate the concern(s) and make any appropriate change(s).