Updated Filings: Back Maintenance and Bad Governance

The terrace/roof and facade project is almost completed. The Board alleges that there is finally a warranty on the terrace and roof so we have moved on with our court ordered renovation project. But it’s still 8 years after we purchased shares for an apartment with a terrace and we are almost able to use it. That is after hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovation costs. This is, of course, on an apartment that has been valued at $0 by a certified third party real estate valuation expert.

Many of the previous and current Board of Directors and their attorneys have be disingenuous at best in their management of this dispute. The below filings demonstrate the Board’s bad practices

Amended complaint

Plaintiff’s Memo of Law

Plaintiff’s Affidavit

Defendant’s Affidavit

Plaintiff’s Response Memo of Law

Defendant’s Reply Memo of Law

Plaintiff’s 2nd Reply Memo of Law